Park Avenue

Belying its staid Park Avenue exterior, this 4,000 sf pre-war apartment announces its jubilantly eccentric style the moment you walk through the door. The owner’s art is not the only reason: The canvas we created for their collection includes an impressive range of materials and finishes throughout.

The lush backdrop includes a restored and refinished oak herringbone floor (the only element salvaged from the original space), walnut and white lacquer cabinets, polished nickel shelving, custom-made stone countertops, and porcelain mosaic floor tiles.

This powder room (left) is pushed past it’s humble function by hand-painted wallpaper, bronze cabinetry, gold plumbing fixtures, and a custom stone vanity and backsplash.

The vibrant color palette of materials and finishes include custom lighting in each room (recessed downlights were adamantly vetoed), bleached oak millwork, mosaic tile, and hand-polished, high-gloss walls.